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Mission The purpose of PGA is to promote art in the Pacific Northwest, interest the public in the work of local artists, and cooperate with local groups in artistic enterprises.

Current officers:
PGA Board Members
President Werner Dillenburger, 253-589-4735
Vice President Nola Tresslar, 253-566-2728
Secretary Joanne Weaver, 253-475-5615
Treasurer Shirley Petersen, 253-582-8883
Hospitality  Jade Choe, 253-579-8880
Membership  Marcy McPherson, 253-565-6595
Member’s Show   Gail Janes, 253-564-1150, & Nola Tresslar, 253-566-2728
Newsletter Liz McDevitt,  253-539-1165
Programs  Gail Janes has demos lined up for 2015-2016
Publicity Joann Hayden, 253-531-7532
Scrapbook/Historian  -  Open
Sound System  -  Open
Sunshine  Jim Anderson, 253-531-0713 cell 253-255-6826
Video Library Joanne Knox,  253-531-3002 253-777-5803
WEB Master  Gary Wiffler,  253-926-0329

Next regular meeting May 10, 2016
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About PGA
  All artists and art enthusiasts  care welcome to become supporting or active members of PGA. Membership in PGA shall be open to artist of fine arts - including sculpture, painting and drawing.

Our Meetings
Regular monthly meetings are from September through June, every 2nd Tuesday of the Month, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, Visitors are at the Asia Pacific cultural Center,  4851 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, Washington.

Please check out the full PGA Officer list in the contact page <